MACF Grants Funds for Parkinson's Exercise Program Equipment

Posted: Nov 16 2023

The Minot Area Community Foundation (MACF) has granted $16,654.86 from the Roger & Delores Odell Fund to the Trinity Health Foundation for Exercise Physiology equipment.
The Trinity Health Exercise Physiology Department has experienced significant growth and demand for several of their exercise programs that target the regional elderly populations. They will provide exercise services for those suffering with Parkinson’s Disease, Cancer, various co-morbidities, and potentially Alzheimer’s Disease.
“We often make the case that exercise is medicine. For no one is that truer than for a patient with Parkinson’s disease” states Dusty Zimmerman, Trinity Health Foundation & Marketing Director. “Physical activity has been shown to improve many Parkinson’s disease symptoms from balance and mobility to depression and even cognition. This gift means Parkinson’s patients will have a chance for a better life and we thank the Minot Area Community Foundation from the bottom of our hearts.”
Equipment purchased ranges from stability balls and exercise steps to boxing equipment, jump ropes, and mats. These programs have documented successes on the ability to delay disease symptoms, prevent falls, assist with emotional and mental health concerns, and provide an extended quality of life for patients.
“The Odell’s were long time proponents of enhancing the quality of life of everyone.  This grant will support a program for those individuals experiencing the effects of this debilitating disease at no cost to the patient.  Early data suggest that it can delay the various impacts of Parkinson’s and extend the quality of life for those individuals,” commented Jason Zimmerman, President of the Minot Area Community Foundation.
Due to the demonstrated need, Trinity Health is expanding their Exercise Physiology services in a designated space at the Trinity Health Center West Location.

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