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Recovery Fund distribution at one-year mark continues long-term rebuilding efforts
With a widely-used expense reimbursement program completed, the Minot Area Community Foundation plans to continue using donated funds to benefit long-term rebuilding in the region. Over the last nine months, Community Foundation staff and volunteers spent hundreds of hours sending out three rounds of notification letters to reach the more than 4,000 families or individuals impacted by the 2011 Mouse ...

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March Charitable Giving Tip: Research Charities of Interest

When you're going through requests in your "charitable budget folder", take time to research the charities that are requesting money. Is the organization the best steward of funds for this cause in your community? If you'd like to know for sure, you can always request their most recent financial statement (or check their website). By using the internet (www.guidestar.org), calling the nonprofit directly, or working with your local community foundation, you can learn a great deal about organizations that support the issues that you're most concerned about, which will help you determine if you'd like to contribute to their mission.

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