MACF supports Beginning Community Band

Posted: Apr 21 2022

The Minot Area Community Foundation has granted $20,000 to the Division of Performing Arts at Minot State University in support of their Beginning Community Band program. This grant is made possible through the Chuck & Madge Westlie and Evelyn Sampson funds and will go towards the purchase of instruments.  
The program, which started in February of this year, offers weekly private instruction and ensemble experience for students who missed the window to start band and for adults who either want to begin or return to an instrument. The program is lead by MSU students and faculty on Saturdays from 1-3pm in the Division of Music.
In the United States, if prospective musicians do not take advantage of beginning instrumental music learning when it is first offered in schools, they often miss the “open window” to get involved in band programs. It becomes much more difficult to start as a beginner later in life when peers all possess a certain level of acquired musical skills and knowledge. The Beginning Community Bank program seeks to create a community concert band training program where beginning instrumentalists, regardless of age, are provided with quality training and instruction offered by apprentice music teachers in addition to concert band rehearsal and performing opportunities.
 “The Beginning Community Band program is an exciting way to use campus resources—faculty, students, facilities, equipment—to benefit the greater Minot community and the education of our own students as they prepare to become teachers” says Erik Anderson, Chair of MSU Division of Performing Arts. “This has been a tremendous success so far, and we look forward to exploring future offerings in music, theatre, and art.”

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