Donation Station Challenge Grant

Posted: Aug 08 2017

The Minot Area Community Foundation (MACF) launched the Donation Station, a mobile trailer for giving back, in the fall of 2016. To get the Donation Station out into the community, MACF has issued a challenge grant. Hold a food drive from now until the end of the year using the Donation Station and collect 1,000 pounds or more of food for a Minot area food pantry and The Minot Area Community Foundation’s Arnold I. Besserud Fund will donate an additional $500 to that food pantry.


The Donation Station is a mobile trailer that promotes giving back in a non-traditional way. Organizations within 30 miles of Minot can use the trailer for events and donation drives that benefit an underserved population. For this challenge grant, the drive must benefit one or more of the Minot food pantries – Our Lady of Grace, The Lord’s Cupboard, and The Salvation Army. Organizations should contact these food pantries to get a better idea of what their current needs are and to set up donation drive dates.


The Food Pantry Challenge Grant will run from August 1st through December 31st, 2017. You can book The Donation Station by contacting The Minot Area Community Foundation at 701.852.0646.


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